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This is the simplest cut possible of receipting part payments with the use case being that a contribution (eg. an event) might be paid in more than one payment. The work here lays the ground work for more complicated scenarios

1) schema changes


Remove fee_amount, net_amount, trxn_id (these fields are in financial_txn table)

BAO changes

1)       Create new statuses for membership, participant, contribution – ‘part paid’, and possibly ‘part-paid but resolved’

2)       Whenever a contribution is receipted (and is set to confirmed) a new record will be created in the civicrm_financial_trxn table linked via civicrm_entity_financial_trxn

3)       If the payment is less that the full amount the status of the corresponding entity will be set to part-paid

UI Changes

The contribution tab should show contributions with payments under them in the same sort of way that pledges show pledge_payments on the contact tab

A new action would be against a contribution / add payment


New fields added to contribution search from payments table

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