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  Over the summer, the Chicago Technology Cooperative (CTC) implemented CiviCRM 2.0, CiviEvent, and CiviMember on behalf of the Linux Foundation with great success.  The Linux Foundation had been using CiviCRM v1.9 with CiviEvent and was becoming unhappy with the limitations in reporting.  Upon CTC's advice, LF decided to make the upgrade to CiviCRM 2.0.  The migration process from v1.9 to v2.0 exposed several bugs in the migration scripts related to edge cases of the content in the database.  With the assistance of the CiviCRM team, the problems were resolved and were included in the next release of the migration scripts.  Post-migration, the Linux Foundation has been very pleased with the many improvements in CiviCRM 2.0.

  By using CiviMember, the Linux Foundation is now able to recieve individual membership dues online, a functionality that was straightforward to set up in CiviMember.  By using the more robust configuration tools in CiviEvent 2.0, LF has been actively using the online signup for a wider variety of events.  Finally, their specific reporting needs have been met with the construction of two custom searches by the Chicago Technology Cooperative, both of which center around pulling all data from a given CiviCRM Profile for contact records associated with a particular event or contribution campaign.  In the end, the move from CiviCRM 1.9 to CiviCRM 2.0 took the Linux Foundation from skepticism to embracing CiviCRM as a central component of their online strategy.

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