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Bisi from the Association Against the Gender Binary in Lagos,Nigeria, hears about Kabissa from her friend Femi. She goes to a cybercafé in Ikeja, and opens Firefox. She goes to http://www.kabissa.organd clicks on the Membership link in the left hand menu. On the membership page she clicks "benefits and obligations. She reads about membership and decides to join, so she clicks a link to the application form. She fills out the application and clicks "submit."  When she's done, she waits patiently for her application to be reviewed and approved.

Meanwhile, Liz logs into the member database backend and sees that there is a new unseen application! She opens up AAGB's application and reads it over - making sure that they included a real mission statement and that the description of their work sounds legitimate. She'll also check out their Web site if they have one, and/or do a google search to make sure that AAGB hasn't been blacklisted anywhere. She notices that their description of activities is pretty vague, so she decides to send an e-mail to ask for a more specific description of their work.

Bisi writes back in a few days and attaches the organizational brochure, which tells Liz everything she ever needed to know about their annual conference. Liz copies some of these details to add to AAGB's profile so that visitors to the Profile Directory can also learn about their conference. She then approves AAGB's membership and sends an e-mail to Bisi with information about how Kabissa can help AAGB integrate the Internet effectively into their work.


Member perspective:

1) Home page - Membership Overview  > Sign up form --> Confirmation Page

2) Home Page > Member Profiles > Membership Overview- > Signup form > Confirmation Page

3) Home page > Membership Overview- > Signup form > Error Message > Signup form >  Confirmation Page

4) Home page  > Login > Error Message  > Signup form > Confirmation Page

5) Home page > Login > Membership Overview > Signup form > Confirmation page 

Kabissa backend perspective:
1) Member Database login screen  > CiviCRM login > New Applications > Organizational Record

2) Member Database login screen > CiviCRM login > Pending Applications > Organizational Record

3) Member Database login screen  > CiviCRM login > Search Results > Organizational Record


1. Prospective Member Fills Out Sign up form

From the home page, a clear link to Membership Overviewshould be visible. Alternatively, if an organization tries to log in to update their profile but their log in details don't match any records, the error page should include a clear link to the Membership Overview page. Finally, a clear link to the Membership Overview page should be included in the Contact Directory. 

Membership Overview should include a description of the benefits and obligations of membership, including who is eligible for membership. It is really the first step of a three step process - i.e. reading to and understanding member benefits and obligations, and then filling out and submitting organizational details, and then filling out and submitting administrative contact details.

Nice to Have (Priority 3): The screens should appear with "Step 1 of 3" etc across the top, with the Membership Overview Page as the Step One of Three page. The Membership Overview page should also include a link to Update Profile if already a member, a link to Member Profiles and a Contact Us  at ask a question about membership).  At the bottom of the screen should be the first application question: Would your organization like to sign up for Kabissa membership? Enter your organization name, and possibly more (e.g. URL if it exists, acronym or short name, organizational e-mail [research other possible fields to use and recheck the validity of these suggestions]) and click "next".

  • If the organization name already exists in the database (with any status), the user will be taken to an Error screen, saying "We think your organization may already be a Kabissa member (Show list of potential matches and their status). If your organization is on this list, click here to contact us. If this is a new organization, please click here to continue." The list of organizations should be links - active orgs link to profile, inactive/pending/cancelled links to a contact form.
  • If the organization name does not exist in the database, the user will be taken to the application form. The field "organization name" (and other fields if used) will already be populated.

Note: The tabbed three step process listed above,  including the automatic check for duplicate organizations, is a nice to have scenario. At minimum, there will need to be a user friendly membership sign up form - this three step process is one vision of how that could look.

The sign up form is intended to collect basic contact and organizational information for the purposes of determining eligibility for membership in Kabissa. All fields should be required unless otherwise noted. Want to have (priority 2): Next to each field, there should be a help icon. When clicked, a small pop up window should provide more information about that field.

 Technical Note: the Help text could also be done using the drupal convention of displaying "description" text underneath the field.

The sign up form includes

Organizational Contact Details (Step 2 of 3)

  • Address (limit to 2 - postal and physical address) - drop down menu to indicate  mailing, street, and other addresses** 
    • Mailing address line 1
    • Mailing address line 2 (optional)
    • City
    • State (optional)  
    • Postal Code (optional) 
    • Country - drop down menu
  • Phone (including country code, e.g. +254-1-234-5678) - limit to 2
  • Fax (including country code, e.g. +254-1-234-5678) (optional) 
  • Organizational E-mail address (for inquiries sent through the Contact Directory)
  • URL (include http://) - optional

Organizational Data:

  • Organization Name - one line (character limit = 100) - prepopulated
  • Mission Statement - character limit = 500
  • Description of Organization's Activities - character limit = 5,000
  • Registration Number (if applicable)  (optional) - Can add up to two
  • Registering authority (optional) - Can add up to two
  • African region where you work - Check all that apply** 
    • Northern Africa
    • Western Africa
    • Eastern Africa
    • Central Africa
    • Southern Africa
    • Indian Ocean Islands
  • Geographic scope of your organization - check all that apply 
    • Community (e.g. Soweto)
    • City (e.g. Nairobi)
    • National (e.g. Kenya)
    • Regional (e.g. Eastern Africa)
    • Africa - wide
    • Global
  • Organizational Focus - check all that apply 
    • Advocacy and Policy
    • Arts and Culture
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Direct social and humanitarian services
    • Economic Development and Poverty Reduction
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Gender
    • Governance
    • Health
    • Human Rights and Democracy
    • Media and Journalism
    • Microfinance
    • Technology
    • Training and Capacity Building
    • Youth
  • Are there any other keywords you would like associated with your organization? - text box, optional

 Technical Note: Would like to set up the Organizational Focus keywords and the "free tagging" as Drupal vocabularies (taxonomies) that could also be applied to other content.

  • If you provide direct services, where are your beneficiaries? (check all that apply) - check box, optional 
    • Urban areas
    • Rural Areas
    • Size of your organization (number of staff members) - pick one
      Less than 5
      More than 100

Click "Next Page" to add administrative contact (Step 3 of 3). This will create a new organization and the next page will add a new person. It is a seperate form but this distinction will not be visible on the front end. The person will also have the option of logging in at this point, if they are already affiliated with another organization. If the person who is submitting this form is logged in, they skip step 3 and go directly to Confirmation Page (but on the backend, a relationship is created between that person and the organization). If they are not logged in, the option Log In should appear, or they fill in the following information:

Administrative Contact Person

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Role within the organization

Technical Notes:

  • Automatically create a unique profile URL, e.g., where '345' is the member ID  [This is priority 1] which later be edited by organization to a friendly URL using their org name or acronym, e.g.,  Entire URL should be less than 75 characters. [This is priority 2 - want to have].
  • WYSIWYG editor for Mission Statement and Description of Activities and potentially other fields. Use a simpler one with fewer buttons to ensure that it will load quickly. [Priority 3 - nice to have]

Open Issues:

  • Registration number - should we verify this? For example, an org could fax copy of registration certificate to us. How should we note this verification? Should the registration number be visible on the front end?

When a user clicks "Cancel", a message appears saying "Are you sure you want to cancel your application at this time? All data you have entered will be lost." User can either click "Yes" to cancel or "No" to continue with the application. If they click "yes" they will be redirected to the Home Page.
When a user clicks "Submit," the following checks are performed on the server:

  1. Check for a response in all required fields. If a required field is left blank, the server returns the signup form with the given responses still there, with an error message at the top of the page saying "One or more required fields were left blank. Please respond to the marked questions". The skipped questions should be highlighted in red.
  2. Check for valid e-mail addresses in both the organizational e-mail address field and administrative contact person e-mail address field. If an e-mail address is not valid, an error message appears above the field saying "the e-mail address you have entered is not valid. Please enter a valid e-mail address and resubmit."

Once the form is successfully submitted, the user is taken to a Successfully Submittedscreen which says "Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your application for Kabissa membership. Our Member Relations team will be contacting you shortly or click here to contact us if you have any questions."
Once the form is successfully submitted, the following actions occur automatically:

  • A new organizational  record is created for the organization in the Kabissa member database, with a status of "New"
  • A new record is created for the administrative contact, with a status of "New" (unless the person logged in/already has a record)
  • Relationship created between the administrative contact and the organizational record with a status of "enabled"
  • First entry in activity log is recorded as signup
  • An e-mail is automatically sent to the organizational and administrative e-mail addresses confirming their application. The "from" and "reply-to" addresses on the e-mail should be (this email address is configurable). Cc'ed to (this is also configurable). These emails should be configurable in a very well documented config file.
  • TE added 11 October 2007: The drupal user is added to the "Kabissa Member" Role/group if it isn't already a member of the group.

Kabissa Reviews Application

The Member Relations Manager logs into CiviCRM. From the home page, easy link to Smart Group (saved search) of new applications.

Clicking on the name will open the full organization record. The Member Relations Manager will review the application for accuracy and completeness. She then has four options.

Click approve:

    • Change Status to Active
    • An approval e-mail is sent automatically to the administrative e-mail address listed for the account. The from and reply to addresses should be  A record of the e-mail and the user who sent it is recorded in the activity log
    • A username and password is sent to the person with an active relationship with the organization (if they do not already have a username and password)
    • Member Since field, as well as Date Last Updated field is populated and defaults to date of signup (can be overriden if necessary) - visible on the frontend.
    • The organizational record is now visible in the Profiles Directory. The contact form should use the "organizational e-mail address" for any correspondence through the Profiles Directory.
    • All of these actions should be recorded in the activity log.

Click More information: 

    • Change status to Pending (or indicate in some way that the application has been reviewed)
    • A Compose e-mail screenopens up. The from and reply to address should be The To address should be the administrative contact address. The user should have the option of editing the e-mail template before sending.
    • TE added 11 October 2007: The email contains a link to log in and update the org profile.
    • Once the e-mail is sent, a note should be made automatically in the organization's history - "Requested more information" with the username who made the request and the user brought back to the organizational Record.

Click Reject

  • Change status to rejected
  • A Compose e-mail screenopens up. The from and reply to address should be The To address should be the administrative contact address. The user should have the option of editing the default e-mail text before sending
  • A record of the e-mail and the user who sent it will be made in automatically in the organization's history - "Organizational application rejected" and the user brought back to the organizational Record
  • TE added 11 October 2007: if the user is no longer a member of any member organization, it is removed from the "Kabissa Member" drupal role/group.

Delete record. This would be used in case of a spam or illegitimate application.

3. Member Responds with Information and Kabissa Edits Profile

TE added 11 October 2007: The org contact can respond by logging in and updating profile directly through the site. Kabissa team can then sort pending applications by date updated to see which orgs have been updated.

The organizational contact can respond to a request for more information with an e-mail to The Member Relations Manager logs into the CiviCRM and searches for the organization. She can either:

  • Click Pending Applications (e.g. access a saved search of pending applications)
  • Search for record by any field in the database, though likely will use organizational name, contact name, or e-mail address in this context. ASearch Results page will be returned with a list of matching records.

Clicking on a record brings the user to the organizational recordscreen. On that screen should be an edit button or icon, opening the record for editing any field. The user adds information to the profile and saves it. The user should see the organizational record screen again. A note will be made automatically in the organization's history saying "Profile edited by USERNAME on DATE."

The user can then opt to click approve, request more information, or reject, following the same steps as above.

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