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Initial project request

we will be helping Kabissa with,9761.0.html
and will help them in

  • configure CiviEvent so we (and our members?) can organise events with registration etc via CiviCRM
  • import many years of back correspondence into Civi from email so we have it all in one place..

CiviEvent on Kabissa

We would like organisations to use the Kabissa site to plan and organise events, especially meetups. We have a Meetups group for developing the general meetups program, and encourage our members to blog about their meetups on the site. We also can use civimail special mailings to promote meetups in local communities.

Our meetups concept is more or less outlined here:

It would be very helpful if we could have a streamlined form to create CiviEvent events along our guidelines for meetups, and then also authorize a subset of people on the site to create and manage their own events.

Problem statement:

We need to enable users of our site to schedule free events using CiviEvent, that anybody can register to participate in. Events can be created with limited number of paces available, form indicates logistical info for the meetup, contact info, venue info etc. New users can register as users of the site while registering, or existing users can log in and register. Initially we would only allow certain drupal role users to create events, but eventually we'd open it up to allow anyone to use it to create any events.


  • Authorized users (dependent on Drupal role) have access to a link to add a registration page for a free event via CiviEvent
  • CiviEvent Add event registration page is user friendly and not too complex
  • Events added to the system have a public URL that can be linked to directly from blog posts and in email
  • Users can list and manage their own events in CiviEvent (via their own dashboard on their user profile page?)
  • Kabissa team can manage all events from the backend

Nice to have:

  • CiviContribute set up and functioning, so Kabissa can create events that accept payments via paypal API
  • Drupal Events module set up and running at (for example) with feeds (iCal, RSS, etc) and CiviEvent events displayed on Drupal calendar
  • CiviEvent events associated with organic groups and displayed in calendar block in the group

Proposed Solution / Plan :

We will upgrade CiviCRM to 3.0 stable when it comes out, and then make use of the event templates feature, as per this issue:

Import correspondence

We have been working with African organisations since 1999, and have correspondence in various mailboxes since 2001 dealing with tech support, training workshops, community coordination, etc. Initially they were in IMAP mailboxes and we migrated them all in feb 2008 to Google Apps mailboxes. The email addresses of most are also associated with contacts in CiviCRM. It would be really useful to import all old correspondence from all of our mailboxes related to contacts we now have in CiviCRM to be associated with their records as activities.

We could then have a really nice, full picture of our relationship over time with the organisation, esp if we could generate some reports related to this correspondence. Going forward, it would also be nice to have a system for importing future correspondence with Civi contacts we write from our email mailboxes.

Problem statement:

We are eager to integrate our CRM functions as much as possible in Civi. Right now much of it is buried in IMAP/Google Apps archives


  • Run mail import script to scan all folders of all Kabissa mailboxes and import all mail associated with contacts as activities.
  • Ability to list emails in activities page for specific contacts
  • Ability to search for keywords for activities page for specific contacts
  • Set up system to regularly (weekly? monthly?) scan all folders of all Kabissa mailboxes going forward to import future correspondence with users

Nice to have:

  • Reports on:
    • number of contacts with members from certain mailboxes in specified time periods
    • number of contacts with certain member in specified time periods, list of
  • User has access to activities relating to them via their own civicrm dashboard

Proposed Solution / Plan :

We will upgrade our Civi install to 3.0 stable when it comes out, and configure EmailProcessor as per this page:

I am interested in both importing old mail all at once, and then Tip #2 on that page to set up a mailbox that we can bcc when we want correspondence to be saved as an activity associated with a civi contact.

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