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This course was offered by Joe Murray of JMA Consulting to staff at a non-profit organization, the Adoptive Families Associations of BC, which is using CiviCRM for Subscriptions, Memberships, Events, and Donations. Their installation had been customized in various ways to meet their specific needs and workflows, and the staff training was part of the deployment plan for CiviCRM. We focussed on training staff across the organization on how to use CiviCRM in their day to day work rather than more IT oriented administrative tasks related to setup of CiviCRM. JMA Consulting provided the training remotely from Toronto to staff in a conference room in Vancouver and a few remote staff elsewhere in British Columbia.


  • Understand how the CiviCRM community works and where you can find further information and support
  • Know how to use CiviCRM as a day to day user
  • Understand what is involved in planning and configuring CiviCRM installations
  • Understand the different CiviCRM Components and how they interact with each other
  • Work through practical examples and exercises relating to the course material  

Previous knowledge assumed

  • Learners are familiar with using online software applications / Office based software

Materials and equipment

  • Each learner will be given a copy of the Course Timetable, details of each session with the exercises, details on how they access support and access online resources.
  • AFABC's remote conferencing system was used to provide screen sharing of course leader's computer. Some demonstrations were on a basic installation of CiviCRM, while others were on the staging or production instances of AFABC.
  • JMA Consulting arranged access to a demo site for each learner on a subdomain of
  • Each learner had access to a computer which can connect to a CiviCRM installation. These computers are used by the learner to complete the session exercises.


Day 1

09:00-09:15Arrival with coffee
09:15-09:30Introductions & Course Overview
09:30-11:00Session 1 - Introduction to CiviCRM
11:15-12:45Session 3 - Organising Data
13:15-14:45Session 4 - Profiles
15:00-16:00Session 5 - Searches
16:00-16:15Discussion and feedback

Day 2

09:00-09:15Arrival with coffee
09:15-10:30Session 6 - Contribute
10:30-11:30Session 7 - Events
11:45-13:00Session 9 - Communications



Session 10 - Reports

15:00-16:15Session 11 - Membership
16:15-16:30Discussion and feedback

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