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Layout of records

All records should be layed out in the same order

  1. Start with enough information to identify the record we are looking at
  2. If there is a high level way of splitting the record, this should come next (e.g. tabs for the contact screen, or concertina for event screen)
  3. Actions specific to each tab should flow directly beneath that tab using the 80/20 rule.  Try and keep this to one line maximum
    1. default first selected tab might inlcude repition of actions also available in other tabs (e.g. record event attendance)
    2. Collapsed context specific help should also be available here
  4. Information relevant to the record, or the section of the record that we are looking at. (e.g fields, related records)
  5. Actions repeated at the bottom
  6. Help expanded at the bottom

Chunking complex records

For records that are more complex, chunking into managable sections is a good idea.

Headings / chunking should be visible and clearly seperated from fields.

Relation between edit and view screens for records

These should match each other in terms of layout and design as much as possisble, but shuld also clearly indicate whether a user is in view or edit mode.

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