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1. Set up DB schema

2. CRUD for campaign object. Ability to add only ONE group to campaign

  • do research on campaign tracking and what fields will be useful

3. Create survey_type option group and values. Mark all top level (i.e. UI created) as is_reserved
3a. create "survey" activity type
3b. automatically create activity types for each survey type
3c. be careful with deleting survey types / activity types

4. CRUD on Survey Object
4a. GIve admin option to create activity type for this specific survey
4b. custom group is optional during survey creation
4c. check will's app for recontact interval definition and implementation

5. Custom group definition for canvassing in XML format


  • user can search and see contacts in survey (see will's app). Also include polling booth number
  • search should exclude people being reserved
  • check recontact interval logic
  • user can reserve all search results
  • user can release allocated contacts
  • for all reserved contacts
  • user can fill in custom values and result


GOTV custom work

  • None

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