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(Contributed by Denver Dave, January 02, 2008, in the forums — see the original post )

Health Care For All Colorado,, is now using CiviCRM and CiviMail to manage our contact list of about 2,000 advocates and it is growing fast. Everything for CiviCRM is administrative in nature, so there is nothing for me to show you. We currently only use Drupal for CiviCRM.

However, as other Single-Payer Universal Health Care advocacy groups find there way here, I'd be glad to help your process. Also, if you have found other approaches to be better, please let me know that by PM. There are now single-payer organizations in most states.

We run in a shared server environment. I estimate that we should be able to handle 5 X our current volume without changing server accounts / hosting, but this is hard to estimate because of all of the additional information that CiviCRM tracks and I'm not sure how well we can clear out activity information that is no longer needed.

Installation and learning the CiviCRM continues to be a challenge, if you can get help, I'd recommend that. However, once installed, the hardest part is getting CiviCRM accepted and used productively by many users. What good is the information if we don't use it? Also, if we wanted a mailing list, we would be using phplist or something else - but we need a Constituency Resource Management system - we don't have lots of money, but we have many passionate volunteers.

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