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Students must also meet all of Google's GSoC Student Eligibility Requirements.


First/Last Name:
Graduation Date:
Timezone: Profile:
CV/Resume URL:
Preferred time of day for virtual/video interview:
Open Source Experience:


If you have participated in Google Summer of Code in the past, please describe your participation:

Have you applied to GSoC in the past and are you applying to any other organizations this year? If so, please explain.

How many hours will you devote to your GSoC project each week? What are your other summer plans (vacation, this time of year isn't your summer and you are in class, etc)?


Have you registered an account at

Have you even built a site with Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla?  (Please provide details)

Have you ever built a CiviCRM site or helped on a CiviCRM project?  

Have you ever posted a questions to the CiviCRM Forums, JIRA, or GitHub?

Have you ever contributed code to CiviCRM?

If you have not previously contributed to any open source projects, can you provide example code from school?


Have you ever utilized IRC?

Have you ever worked with Git?

Question based on knowledge of git:
You just committed some code (and not pushed yet), but you realized there is a typo in commit message. How would you change it (please explain each step of the solution)?

Question based on given 'almighty_function':

Given this function:
function gsoc_funciton($x, $y, $z) {
  if ($y != $z && $x == $y && $x == $z) {
    return "Success!";
return "FAIL!"

Please provide set of values for $x, $y and $z for function to return "Success!". Explain your solution.

What, if anything would you change or fix in the function?


Which project idea sparks your interest and why?

Treating this project as a real proposal, provide your implementation plan with as much detail as possible such as weekly time breakdowns, methods of mentor communication, project management, and when to expect specific results/deliverables.

Detailed Description (only if this is a new idea, otherwise if there is a description online, please provide the URL):

Expected Deliverables: (list the main items that you will deliver be during the program):
Item 1 - 7 July
Item 2 - 28 July

Timeline (break down by every week of GSoC):
19 May:
26 May:
02 June:
09 June:
16 June:
23 June: Mid term submission
30 June:
07 July:
14 July:
21 July:
28 July:
04 Aug:
11 Aug: Wrap up
18 Aug: Final submission

Potential Mentors (optional):

Which aspect project idea do you see as the most difficult?

Which aspect project idea do you see as the easiest?

Which portion of the project idea will you start with?

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