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The image below documents some possible changes to the Edit Contribution form.





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  1. Feb 25, 2016

    Jamie Novick dit :

    Just seen this. Like the concept and takes us closer to Some minor changes to the way Civi deals with finance...

    But I think its also important to step back and think about some of the possible use cases that we are missing from current functionality and consider if this UI solution gets us closer to  them or makes them more difficult to accomplish.

    Some quick thoughts in no particular order (maybe 6+ belong somewhere else).

    1. Membership payment by (weekly/monthly/quarterly/other?) instalments (or perhaps events payments by instalments). i.e. I have bought a membership and this will lead to 12 monthly payments. Contributions are created perhaps in advance?
    2. Partial payment and balance. Perhaps for a line item, perhaps not.
    3. Refund with credit note, then clear credit note with later payment. We should be looking to make this a two step process
    4. Underpayments, Overpayments being dealt with appropriately.
    5. Under the hood we should have accrued amounts / prepayments and monthly release to income
    6. Purchase of membership and event together (+ donation)
    7. Deposit and pay later for event
    8. 1 contact purchase tickets for multiple participants through admin interface
    9. 1 contact purchase tickets for multiple participants through public form with 1 price for total package of tickets, rather then purchasing all tickets separately.

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