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The Economics Center For Education Research at the University of Cincinnati came to CivicActions after having another firm develop a Drupal website for their continuing education programs. The Center needed to track detailed information about students and had determined that CiviCRM was a solution that would work for them.  They also needed a course registration system and suspected that CiviEvent might work.

  • The site was first implemented with CiviCRM version 2.1 and later was upgraded to 2.2, but has not been upgraded to 3.x.
  • After determining that CiviEvent was not well suited to the course registration requirements, we decided instead to use UberCart but still had a requirement to record certain information about student in to CiviCRM. We built a custom module UberCart/CiviCRM Profile Pane ( which allowed us to include a CiviCRM profile on the Ubercart Checkout Page and record information about the "customer" into CiviCRM.
    • CiviEvent was not well suited for course registration for a number of reasons:
      • Courses could be taken for varying credit at different prices.
      • Courses were offered over numerous weeks with recurring dates, and a calendar showing all course and all of their meeting dates was part of the requirements.
      • Courses were sometimes offered twice during a semester, for example an evening schedule and a weekend schedule, where much of the other information was the same.
      • Course were offered in multiple terms (Spring, Summer, Fall) where much of the information about the course was the same, while only meeting dates, location or perhaps instructor changed.
      • In order to allow users to browse a catalog of courses, determine if the course was offered this term or next, and what the various meeting dates were, we instead used a CCK content type for "course description" and an Ubercart product class for each term a course is offered.  The description node includes background information, course materials, prerequisites, etc... and this node stays live whether a course is offered in a particular term or not, while the "course instance" node is a "product" that can be purchased. It has a node reference field to the course description, a multiple value date field with recurring date widget, fields for meeting location and instructor.  The course has a base price for the "no credit" version and then product attributes for 1, 2 or 3 credits.  Additionally we used uc_node_checkout module to track some specific data about the registrant, data that is backfilled from the checkout process.  This allowed for easy reporting of class registrations.
      • The end result is a very flexible course catalog and scheduling system with a calendar, and easy to create "course instances" that did not require the multiple steps of creating a CiviEvent.
  • ECER uses CiviCRM to track students in their continuing education program including custom data about a student's credentials. Students in this case are educators attending classes to extend their knowledge. We track subjects and grades taught, level of education attained, and other information.

CivicActions empowers social-change organizations with emerging technologies. We support the global movement of people and organizations building a sustainable future by providing Drupal, CiviCRM and mobile application development though our unrivaled Scrum project management methodology. Our team consists of nearly 40 engineers, strategists, designers and project managers who have deployed more than 100 Drupal and CiviCRM-powered websites since 2005 for progressive organizations including Amnesty International, Center for Reproductive Rights, Women's Funding Network and the Free Software Foundation. We are known as one of the largest and most-experienced Drupal and CiviCRM development firms and we are committed to taking action in the world, for positive, sustainable change.

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