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By the end of this session, you should understand how to setup Find and Merge Contact rules and be able to merge duplicate contacts.

More information

You can find more information and background on the topics covered in this session in the CiviCRM user and administrator book section on Deduping and Merging.


You are going to get to make add some new rules and merge some contacts. You can either use the details below or make up your own information.

  1. Establish which dedupe rule is used when a logged out contact creates a contribution. Have a look at the rule and make sure that you understand what would constitute a match.
  2. Log out and make an online contribution (or something similar like event registration) as someone that already exists in your database. Then log back in and see if the contact was matched up.
  3. Establish which dedupe rule is used when an administrator creates a new organisation in CiviCRM.
  4. Intentionally create a duplicate organisation
  5. Create a new dedupe rule that matches organisations who have the same name and Use the Rule.
  6. Merge the newly created organisation/the original taking note of which organisation is the duplicate, which is the original and which one will be deleted when you merge the two.

More exercises

If you have time try...

  1. Create a dedupe exception and then find the list of dedupe exceptions for your CiviCRM instance .
  2. Review what dedupe rules you would use for an import of individual contacts.  
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