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Core Team

The role of the Core Team is to coordinate the CiviCRM project and the community that contributes to it such that it can produce and maintain a world class, open source CRM for nonprofits and civic sector organizations.

Coleman Watts

Coleman Watts is a senior software designer at CiviCRM who focuses on usability and feature development. Since joining the core team in 2012 he has modernized the look and feel of the application as well as the underlying architecture. His other roles include security team member, mentor, and creator of many CiviCRM-related extensions, including the popular Webform-CiviCRM Integration module.

Prior to joining the core team Coleman worked as the Program Director and Technology Lead at the nonprofit Woolman Semester School, where he first implemented CiviCRM. He has also worked as a videographer, graphic designer, teacher, wilderness instructor, handyman & solar installer. His interests include alternative energy, sustainability, education, bicycles, and the outdoors. He has a BA from Guilford College in NC and lives with his family near Asheville NC.

Joshua Gowans

Joshua Gowans joined CiviCRM in August, 2014 and is focused on overall project sustainability. Josh brings a diverse background to CiviCRM including small business and project management, as well as over twelve years experience in nonprofit operations and leadership.

In addition to providing marketing and project management services at 3Plumes, LLC, Josh co-founded Columbia Angel Partners, an angel investment network focused on early stage, high growth companies in the Southeast of the United States. Josh went on to found two startups in the nonprofit sector providing board management and companion animal microchip registry services, acting as the primary funder and project manager for both.

Josh’s nonprofit experience includes Executive Director level positions at three nonprofit organizations, board member participation across several nonprofits, and periodic consulting opportunities focused on board development, fundraising and operations management. He is an avid volunteer for several local nonprofit organizations, holds a Masters in Business Administration and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management program.

Kurund Jalmi

Kurund Jalmi is one of the early developers for CiviCRM and has been part of the project since 2005. He has initially worked on building most of the core components, in addition to numerous features in CiviCRM. He enjoys working on code optimization, usability improvements and integrating new technologies with CiviCRM. 

Kurund is also CTO of Web Access, a software consulting firm that hosts CiviCRM development team in India. At Web Access he is responsible for overall IT operations of the firm. He also helps non-profit organizations with their migration to open source solutions like CiviCRM, Drupal, WordPress etc.

Kurund holds a post graduate degree in International Business. He also has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computers from Goa Engineering College.

Michael McAndrew

Michael McAndrew has worked as CiviCRM's community manager since January 2013, where he is responsible for deepening engagement of members of the community with the project, and ensuring that our users, implementers and developers have the tools they need to run successful CiviCRM projects.

Prior to joining the core team, Michael ran Third Sector Design, a successful London based IT consultancy which he founded in 2005 and which focused on the non profit and political sectors. At Third Sector Design, Michael focused on client liasion, information architecture, and  managing a team of 4 people.  In 2008 Third Sector Design began to focus on delivering CiviCRM and related services and since then played a key role in building up the UK CiviCRM community: organizing the first meet-ups; coordinating CiviCon London from 2011 to 2013; organising various sprints, and securing funding for the multiple improvements to CiviCRM (including Wordpress Integration, CiviHR, CiviSMS, improvements to the extensions ecosystem and Contact Subtypes).

Prior to Third Sector Design, Michael worked in various roles at non profits and NGOs in the UK, tending towards communication and technical roles. He also worked as a project manager at the UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural affairs. 

Michael has a MA in Social and Political Science from Cambridge University and is passionate about social good and environmental sustainability. He served as a board member for WWOOF (a non profit focused on volunteering opportunities on organic farms) from 2004 to 2008 and has volunteered on various organic agricultural projects in the UK and Europe. He currently welcomes volunteers to his farm in Andalucia, Spain.

Monish Deb

Monish Deb is a junior developer, mainly focusses on bug fixes and improving CiviCRM’s codebase. He joined CiviCRM team in July 2013.  He has worked on Soft-Credit improvements, CiviHR extensions, CiviDiscount extension, maintaining test suite, developed few API's, standardization of Search Form and API’s, etc.

Prior to joining CiviCRM team, Monish has worked on various CiviCRM implementation projects. He has also provided patches for core Drupal 7 and popular Drupal modules, Views and Date. He has an overall work experience of 3 years at Web Access as a software developer.

Monish has done his post graduation in Computer Science from Assam University.

Tim Otten

Tim Otten is senior architect and developer for CiviCRM and focuses on improving CiviCRM as a developer platform.  Since joining in 2011, he has developed the extension subsystem, continuous build/test infrastructure, AngularJS integrations, and the CiviHR extensions -- as well as numerous APIs, reference documents, and rich user-interfaces.

Prior to CiviCRM, Tim cofounded Benton Consulting LLC (DC/MO). As Director of Technology, he led development of the Athlete Relationship Management System (ARMS), a software-as-a-service (web/mobile) which integrated recruitment, compliance, and fundraising for university athletics.  He also served as lead developer for the ecommerce/SMS system and as consultant for the World Bank energy anchor and International Finance Corporation.

Yashodha Chaku

Yashodha Chaku is currently leading CiviCRM team India and has been responsible for the various releases of CiviCRM which includes co-ordinating with the team to ensure quick fixes for the outstanding issues. She joined CiviCRM core team in 2006 when CiviCRM was still in its early stages having worked on various functional and technical aspects of the project. She has worked on early development of various core components like CiviEvent, CiviPledge in addition to various feature implementations and bug fixes across the codebase. She has extensively contributed code to extensions CiviHR and CiviVolunteer. She is actively involved in of lot of developer meetups, code sprints that help engage the community members more effectively.

Yashodha is working as a Project Lead for Web Access which hosts CiviCRM development team in India and has helped mentor various development resources.

Yashodha holds Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Pune University.

Project Advisers

Advisers to CiviCRM play a role in overall project guidance, however they are not active in the actual software development or project management.

Dave Greenberg

Dave Greenberg has helped build and guide the CiviCRM project since it's inception in 2004.

Dave has 25 years of experience in the fundraising software, ecommerce and banking sectors. Prior to co-founding, he was a senior consultant to where he lead the product design effort for their pioneering online donation and email broadcast services, as well as the customer billing systems.

Dave is a co-founder of two successful for-profit ventures. North Tower Technologies provides web application and eCommerce engineering services to a variety of industries. Past clients have included Intel, Hewlett Packard, International Asset Systems, and Redpoint Ventures.

Prior to North Tower, Dave co-founded MAXXUS, Inc. in 1985 where he served  as Vice President for Product Development (MAXXUS was acquired by Sterling Commerce in 1995). At MAXXUS, he directed the development and delivery of a suite of electronic commerce, EDI and cash management products which were licensed to 400+ banks nationwide for use by their commercial customers. Dave managed the product design, software engineering, quality assurance and professional consulting teams.

Prior to MAXXUS, Mr. Greenberg managed the technical training functions at Hibernia Bancshares Corporation. At Hibernia he was responsible for development and delivery of end-user training programs in all areas of banking operations, including branch systems, ATM and credit card operations, and CICS.

Dave has worked in the non-profit sector as Psychiatric Counselor in a Community Mental Health clinic, as an instructor for the California Department of Mental Health and as co-founder of a community center. He has a Masters degree in Social Work.

Donald Lobo

Lobo founded CiviCRM along with Dave Greenberg and Michal Mach in 2004. Prior to that he served as CTO of
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