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Changes in the community are coming and we'd like to prepare for a more organized plan to involve community in triage, bug fixing and other efforts.  Conversation with Nicolas and Allen Shaw produced this idea for "Community Fridays". 

What is Community Friday?
  • Rather than contribute X number of days whenever per month of community effort
  • We politely suggest that each Friday (your local time) we each get involved doing something for the CiviCRM community
  • By focusing all our efforts at a specific time (like a mini-sprint) we coordinate and amplify our efforts
What can I do?
  • Whatever you feel suited for or interested in: bug fixing, documentation, marketing, etc. 
  • Think of it as a mini-sprint spread globally, people will divide their efforts as they see fit and/or are asked
How much should I do? 
  • Whatever what you think is fair and necessary for your business

  • Something more than none

  • An hour or two? Maybe more

  • If this Friday is a holiday for you, okay, no problem

Who can participate?
  • Contributors, end-users and partners across the world!
But what about time zones?
  • Our global community is actually an advantage
  • AUS/NZ start off the party, their Friday is Thursday elsewhere, perfect for making lists, raising issues that need attention and getting started
  • The baton is then passed to India team, who work on these issues
  • UK/Europe then review, test, document and add patches of their own
  • It finishes in North America, with more fixes, testing, documentation and so on
How will we communicate?
  • Primarily on Mattermost
  • This Friday's issues will be posted and then discussed in each channel or sub-channel
  • Issues will be updated in JIRA as needed, assigned to people and releases for testing and merging as usual
What's in it for me?
  • Benefit your business by ensuring that CiviCRM remains a solution for your clients and prospects
  • Maintain and improve the reliability of the CiviCRM codebase and documentation
  • Influence the priorities and direction of the CiviCRM project
  • Acquire and maintain your 'contributor badge' by entering your hours volunteered on the contributor log form


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