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Mailing list management

  1. Create a group that will be used as a mailing list for people to subscribe to upcoming events.  Make sure to include a description of your mailing list that explains how it will be used.
  2. Log out and have a look at the /civicrm/mailing/subscribe page.  Can you see your mailing list there? If not, change its configuration so that it is visible of this page.
  3. Subscribe to your new upcoming events list with an email address that you can access from the class.
  4. Log back in and have a look at your groups tab. What do you see? Are you a member of the group?
  5. Check your Inbox for a confirmation email. If you find one, click on it.
  6. Log back in and have a look at your groups tab. What do you see now?


Scheduled reminders

  1. Set up a reminder (Administer > Communications > Schedule Reminders) that will notify staff about meetings that have not been completed the day after they were scheduled.  Set this reminder to repeat on a weekly basis until the activity has been completed.


Working with mailings and templates

  1. Create a new footer for use with your events mailing list.  Ensure that the footer has a customised footer with both opt out and unsubscribe links.  Add explanatory text to each link to explain what will happen when each of the links are clicked.
  2. Create, test and send an email to your events group.

More exercises 

More exercises to try:

  1. Use the  the A/B test functionality to prepare a mailing that will have tow versions for your list. 
  2. What are the differences of an email sent using CiviCRM and CiviMail? You may want to send one of each to yourself to see how each looks.
  3. Determine how many emails will be sent on each run of the scheduled job for CiviMail. 
  4. Extra challenging  - setup a scheduled reminder to go out 30 days before a membership expires.


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