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This extension integrates SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) into CiviCRM. It's the perfect way to manage direct debit payments in the whole EURO zone without having to resort to an expensive bureau.


In the course of the development the project unfortunately split into three branches, mostly due to some very tight deadlines with different requirements. Since early July 2014 there is a joint version, merging the branches of Xavier Dutoit (tttp) and Björn Endres (SYSTOPIA). Both versions have, individually, been used in production environments since the beginning of 2014.

The other fork is maintained by SfE:

  • Maintainer: Detlev Sieber (detlev.sieber (at) and Olaf Buddenhagen (antrik (at)
  • Status: productive, but no further development
  • Next version: There is no further development planned, please move to the other fork!
  • Repository:
  • Tickets: n/a
  • For further information see CiviSEPA - SfE Branch


The following documentation refers to the main branch. For details on the SfE-Fork see CiviSEPA - SfE Branch

If you're not familiar with SEPA in general, have a look at the SEPA Basics page. It will also explain some of the design decisions.

We'd like to start off with a couple of pros and cons of the current version, so you can decide whether this extension is right for you.


  • Working stable

    The recent developer versions of CiviSEPA have been used by a couple of organisations doing both OOFF and Recurring DD. One of the organisations has a quite large data set and does on average about 100 DD with CiviSEPA per day - so far only with a couple of minor problems.

  • Designed to be adaptable to your organisation's needs

    CiviSEPA allows adaption for your organisation's need. You can easily implement hooks to alter the mandate reference number generation or the transaction messages in the file. In combination with customisable batching settings for each creditor, you should be able to get your individual Version of CiviSEPA up and running quite quickly.

  • Nicely integrated with CiviBanking
    CiviSEPA is nicely integrated with the extension CiviBanking which offers a very sophisticated framework for importing bank account statements and matching the enclosed payments with contributions and contacts in CiviCRM.  


  • Manual Submission of XML-Files

    So far no automatic transmission to a bank has been implemented. If you only do DD collections a couple of times per month, this should not be too much of a problem. However, if you want to do DD it more often and/or flexible, manual transmission may be time-consuming and some work would need to be put into automatisation. 

  • Pre-Notification

    The function for pre-notification is only designed to create a PDF-file of mandate that you can print out and send to your constituents to let them sign it. There are no further features such as sending it out via E-Mail. Also, if you use pre-notification you will have to adapt your workflow and some settings to ensure that mandates are inactive as long as you did not receive the signed version of the mandate from your constituent.

    So far, all our users don't do formal pre-notification at all or are fine with the current basic functionality. If you have a workflow that is not covered by the current implementation, just talk to us.

  • Permissions

    The permissions so far are not very fine-grained. You will need the “CiviContribute” permission to create and edit mandates and the “Administer CiviCRM” permission to trigger batching and close groups.

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