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Meet other CiviCRM users, implementors and developers at your local CiviCRM meet up.  See below for a list of local CiviCRM meet ups happening near you.  And if there is no meet up happening close by then go ahead and organise one


Your local meet up

Here's a list of local CiviCRM meet ups happening on January 28th 2015.

Sign up to your local CiviCRM meet up and contact the organisers if you want to help out or present

If you can't see a location near you below, then please organise a meetup.

#Location (City, State, Country)Registration linkContact details for organizers
2West Chester, PA
3Montreal, QC
4Washington, DC
5Dallas, TX
6Köln (Cologne), Germany
7Madrid, Spain
8Barcelona, Spain
9Tel Aviv, Israel
10Denver, CO
11Paris, France
12Oakland, CA,
13Apeldoorn, The Netherlands or
14New York, NY (weather permitting)
15Mumbai, India
16Toronto, ON, Canadadetails to be
18Ljubljana, Slovenia
19Brussels, Belgium
20Warsaw, Poland
21Brasilia, Brasildetails to be
22Phoenix, AZ,
23Portland, OR
24Virtual Meet Up
25Southwest Florida, Google+ Hangout
26Albany, NY

Spread the word

One nice side effect of having multiple meet ups at the same time is that in publcising one event, we can publicise them all.  Check below for ideas on how to promote CiviDay - please also add any new ideas below so people can use the to promote their own meet ups

  • tweet using #cividay
  • contact your local non profit media (web, print, etc.) and let them know about CiviDay (standard press release would be good if anyone wants to write one)
  • contact local non profit umbrella groups and see if they can mention CiviDay in their email newsletters or tweet about CiviDay
  • hook up with local netsquared, NTEN, or similar non profit tech groups for cross promotion opportunities
  • add more ideas here

Organise a meet up

If you've been thinking about starting a local meet / thinking that there really should be one in your city/area, then CiviDay is an ideal opportunity for you to start

  • you'll likely get nice high turn out (since your meet up will benefit from the collective publicity of all the other meet ups
  • we'll help you get started with tips and suggestions for the agenda
  • you can pick the brains of other meet up organisers

If you've organised a meet up before, then you should feel free to go ahead and do what you did last time and to share your tips tips with others.

How to organise a CiviDay meet up?

  1. Add your location and contact details above
  2. Create an event on's CiviCRM and add the details and registration link above (contact if you can't add an event yourself
  3. Think about  if there are other people that can help with the organising
  4. Publicise your meet up
  5. Read more about organising meet ups



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