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CiviDay 2013 has happened already - you are probably looking for CiviDay 2014

which you can find here: CiviDay 2014

Meet other CiviCRM users, implementors and developers at your local CiviCRM meet up.  See below for a list of local CiviCRM meet ups happening near you.  And if there is no meet up happening close by then go ahead and create one (it's very easy to do, I promise).

Also see this blog post:

Local meet ups

Here's a list of local CiviCRM meet ups happening on January 23rd.

Sign up to your local CiviCRM meet up and contact the organisers if you have something that you'd like to talk about.

If you can't see a location near you below, then consider organising your own meet up.

Place (including country)RegistrationContact organisers
Paris, FR
London, UK

San Francisco, USA / dave
Apeldoorn, Netherlands Hommel (
Bristol, UK Moreton
Chicago, IL USA Kim and Kevin Krupp (
Portland, OR USA from Korlon LLC
Washington, DC, USA

Andrew and Jane from AGH Strategies; Frank and Michael from Ginkgo St.

Austin, Texas

Josue and Tomás from Progressive Technology Project (

New York CIty and palante tech
Montreal, QC, CanadaRegisterMathieu Lutfy (, subscribe to our announcements list
Barcelona, Spain Salgado (
Nevada City, CA Watts (coleman@civicrm)
Dallas, TX Petrik from Skvare (, Allen Shaw from Emphanos (
Toronto, ON, Canada

Joe Murray

Mumbai, India Access (
Sydney, Australia West and Andrew Perry and Ryan Cross
Melbourne, Australia Ward
Warsaw, Polandopen, no registration, info: (karolina at caltha dot pl)
Brasília, Brazil Viégas from dotPro Tecnologia e Comunicação

Nicolas Ganivet <>

Bielefeld, Germany Sieber from digitalcourage / Software für Engagierte ( )
Chattanooga, TNDirections: Chapin -  Hosted by  Cap:18, 9A-12P
Philadelphia, PA Thompson - PhillyCAM -

Spread the word

One cool side effect of having all these meet ups on the same day is that we can multiply our publicity so please promote this as CiviCRM day and point people here.  If we have time, we'll build some more sophisticated infrastructure to organise these.  In the mean time, we'll keep it simple with this wiki page.

Download and print a flier:

CiviDay tech infrastructure

We are starting off simple with a few wiki pages.  If there is demand, we'll build out a more sophisticated structure for organising meet ups on  Comment below if you want to help with that.

Organising a meet up

If you've been thinking about organising a local meet up for a while or wondering why there isn't one in your area, then CiviDay is a opportunity for you to start one because

  • your meet up will benefit from the collective publicity of all the other meet ups
  • we'll help you get started with tips and suggestions for the agenda
  • you can pick the brains of other meet up organisers
  • + lots of other reasons - feel free to add them here!

If you've organised a meet up before, then you should feel free to go ahead and do what you did last time and to share your tips tips with others.

How to organise a CiviCRM meet up?

  1. Add your location and contact details above
  2. Create an event on's very own CiviCRM and add the details and registration link above (contact if you can't add an event yourself
  3. Publicise your meet up
  4. See if there are other people that can help with the organising
  5. Read more about organising meet ups
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