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CiviCon 2010 Schedule

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010. 9:00am - 5:00pm. Location: Mitch Kapor Foundation, 543 Howard St, San Francisco CA.


Room 1

Room 2


Welcome to CiviCon & State of the Civi



Morning Plenary - Nathan Yergler, CTO - Creative Commons






Online Activism: CiviEngage, CiviPetition (Michael Haggerty, Michael McAndrew, Alice Aguilar, Xavier Dutoit)

CiviCase - Dave D, Single click donations - Nathan Kinkade, Creative Commons





New York State Senate Presentation: Technical Details, Usability and Scope (Andrew Hoppin, Kyle Jaster)

Drupal 7, CiviSchool and other Drupal modules (Rob Thorne, core team members)





Wikimedia Foundation (Tomasz Finc, Rand Montoya, Diane Dupuis)

AJAX Customization, Integration with External Systems (Xavier Dutoit, Michael Haggerty)





CiviCRM Meetups and Growing the Ecosystem (Michael McAndrew, Wes Morgan, Joe Murray -
presentation attached to this page)

CiviCRM Mobile Strategy Brainstorm (Ian Rhett)





Ignite style Case Studies (Gregory Heller, Sarah Gladstone, Claudian Fernandes, Jim Taylor, Robert D?)

CiviCRM 4.0 (core team members)


Afternoon Plenary - Mitch Kapor and Cedric Brown


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  1. Apr 21, 2010

    Is there any possibility that the registration for CiviCon will be re-opened? I tried to register about 10 days ago (late March) and the event was already full. I know several people who were also interested in attending but could not register because of that. Is there any possibility that the CiviCon will be moved to a location that can accomodate more people?

    If someone purchased a ticket and cannot attend, I would like to buy it .. my email is kasiawaka at yahoo dot ca

    Thanks a lot for organizing it! I would love to be there ...

    .. update: got the ticket, thank you!


    1. Apr 12, 2010

      hey kasia:

      sorry about the event being full and not being able to register. We did not expect to see so much interest for the first CiviCon. in future we'll plan for an even bigger venue. its a bit late for us to figure out a new venue


  2. Apr 09, 2010

    Ben Fajen dit :

    I would like to know if anyone has used CiviCRM to issue invoices for constituents/members.  I would also like to hear from anyone using CiviCRM (and Drupal) for non-profit associations, which usually require complex meeting registration (session signups included), exhibitor registration, booth management, member join/payment, member renewal, membership where the organization is the member and a primary contact has greater rights than other contacts, etc.  Finally, a session focused on how to generate more elaborate custom reports would very interesting.

    Thanks for putting this together!  I will be attending with three others from my company.


    1. Apr 12, 2010

      hey ben:

      note that civicon is not a training, so it will be more along the lines of shared group experiences etc. There is a developer training happening on April 18th in SF:

    2. Apr 20, 2010

      Ben - I have used CiviCRM for invoicing.  I will be covering that as part of my case study presentation ( I am part of the  Ignite style Case Studies session )

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