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Proposer/Contact person

usability roadmap and sore points

Things about more inline editing, some areas that should/will be improved (eg. the relationship tab, wizard, admin area organisation...)
how to do usability studies on a shoestring, and talking about the convention for layout/html to make it easier to customise.
Non http interaction (email, chat/bot...)

Kyle Jaster, rayogram
Xavier Dutoit, Tech To The People

Large-scale deployment of CiviCRM for Government

Rayogram and the CiviCRM team recently deployed CiviCRM for the New York State Senate.
We will discuss the approach we took towards this project, explain our approach to theming for the project and discuss some of the features and functionality that we've added in the course of our work (this will function as a preview for many new 3.2 features).

Kyle Jaster, rayogram

Advanced Ajax customisation

Leveraging the API to enhance the interface in a few lines of jQuery. Example of autocomplete fields in profile, duplicate check, one click status update...

Xavier Dutoit, Tech To The People

Single click donations - Nathan Kinkade, Creative Commons

Creative Commons has leveraged the existing CiviCRM script bin/ContributionProcessor.php to create a donation process that potentially involves only a single click on your site.  Other than the obvious benefit of reducing the clicks needed to donate at your site there are some other practical benefits of this process.  The topic is elaborated upon here:

Wes Morgan

CiviCase - Physician Health Program of BC

More details TBA

D D / demeritcowboy

Wikimedia Foundation: Tech Talk

After online contributions to the Wikimedia Foundation have been processed, $7.5 million during the last fundraiser alone, contact and contribution data is passed to CiviCRM.  It is the "fundraiser backend" for managing hundreds of thousands of contributor records and includes some interesting customizations.  Diana Montalion Dupuis (Four Kitchens) and Tomasz Finc (Wikimedia) will talk about how it works, the ongoing challenges, and prove that if Wikimedia can do it, so can you.

Diana Montalion Dupuis, Four Kitchens

Ask the Experts

Ask our panel of CiviCRM pros your most burning questions

Wes Morgan

Showcase of CiviCRM use for sustainability organizations, etc

Aaron Pava, CivicActions/EcoTuesday

Brainstorming a mobile strategy for CiviCRM

CiviCRM could be SO powerful on the mobile platform. An organized brainstorming discussion - smart people with good ideas and passionate about mobile technology and/or CiviCRM are encouraged to attend! What are some use cases we can envision? What are the different ways we can imagine those use cases being implemented? What can we do next? The output of this conversation will be recorded and posted to the CiviCRM site for further conversation/action. Let's make it mobile!

Ian Rhett, CivicActions
Session II

CiviEvents, Templates and Drupal Views2

This session will cover how organizations can use CiviEvents, event templates and views to integrate civievents on their website, and also discuss potential extensions of civicrm and drupal cck to make this even more powerful.

Gregory Heller, CivicActions

CiviCRM and Drupal 7

This developer session will discuss what some of the issues will be getting CiviCRM up and running under the upcoming Drupal 7 release, and how the community can help make that happen quicker.

Rob Thorne, Torenware Networks

Ignite CiviCon

This session will feature 10 5 minute Ignite talks (20 slides set to auto advance every 15 seconds) from 10 different presenters. Talk topics will be due march 21st and selected talks will be announced april 1st. Slide decks will be due April 18th. Learn more about Ignite at

Gregory Heller, CivicActions

Growing the Eco-system

Open source projects thrive when there is a healthy eco-system to support them. What's working, what can be improved in CiviCRM's, and who wants to do it or collaborate on doing it? Some areas where we might be able to do better: online training videos; CiviCRM Voices podcasting about new features, interesting projects, and solutions to common problems; a commercial turnkey ASP offering, funding non-sexy core development (eg automated testing), ???

Joe Murray, JMA Consulting


More Details TBA

Josue Guillen and Alice Aguilar, Progressive Technology Project


Presentation and discussion on how CiviCRM can be used in education

Mari Tilos and Lobo

CiviCRM meetups

How to run the best possible CiviCRM trainings, developer camps, user camps, meet ups, conferences, etc.
We'll have a look at the resources that already exist, share examples and experiences of what works and what doesn't, work out what is missing and how we can make our events as easy as possible to organise and of maximum benefit to attendees

Michael McAndrew

CiviCRM Integration: Talking to External CRM Systems

For some organizations, integrating contact information captured in CiviCRM with legacy and accounting systems is an important point of implementation. Methods for integration can go beyond simple database queries and involve web services, batch files and more. This session will focus on the practical challenges of integration using a case study for a client managing over 600,000 records that synchronize contact, mailing list and donation information with an external CRM system in real time over web services. It will deal with the mechanics of synchronization, methods for getting data in and out of CiviCRM, and strategies for debugging and logging to ensure operational soundness.

Michael Haggerty, Trellon LLC

CiviCRM and Online Activism

CiviCRM can play an important role in online activism campaigns, offering benefits that put it on par with other systems for running campaigns like Convio and Democracy in Action. This session will focus on extending the core features of CiviCRM to include online petitions, letter to the editor campaigns, the Sunlight Labs API and more through the use of Drupal's activism module. We will be presenting case studies for how this has been implemented and look at the ways CiviCRM captures information. We will also be presenting a road map for how these tools will be implemented in the new Drupal 7 release of Activism.

Michael Haggerty, Trellon LLC


How can we link together seperate actions (emails, contributions, petitions, etc.) in CivICRM to provide 'campaign centric' view. An open session based on discussions and work at Campaiging Camp in Oxford, UK

Xavier Dutoit, Piotr Szotkowski, Michael McAndrew

CiviCRM and synagogues + Jewish nonprofits

Details to be filled in soon.

Sarah Gladstone, Pogstone Inc.
email: sarah at pogstone dot com

CiviCRM 4.0

What are some things we should think about for 4.0?

Lobo and Kurund

Ignite proposals

Please contact gregory <at> civicactions <d0t> com

Session proposal guidelines

These are only guidelines - feel free to suggest any subjects and formats...

We want to cover as broad range of subjects and use cases as possible.  Our aim in these sessions is to talk about what folks are doing with CiviCRM, how you are using it, and the things you'd like to do in the future.  We're keen to steer away from training sessions at this event, but if you are interested in training, consider attending one of the two training events we are holding on the 18th ( or

Subjects we'd like to cover include:

  • panels to discuss configuring and using CiviCRM in specific types of organizations / use cases (e.g. advocacy, art and culture, education, fund-raising, human services, membership associations)
  • hooks - walkthrough of a module which uses them
  • themeing - making your site look different than the standard CiviCRM design.
  • CiviMail best practice
  • Performance and hosting
  • Security
  • Tips and tricks for users - making the most out of CiviCRM's UI, short cuts and lesser known functionality
  • fundraising techniques with CiviContribute
  • the community - ideas for growing and strengthening
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  1. Apr 09, 2010

    Ben Fajen dit :

    I would like to know if anyone has used CiviCRM to issue invoices for constituents/members.  I would also like to hear from anyone using CiviCRM (and Drupal) for non-profit associations, which usually require complex meeting registration (session signups included), exhibitor registration, booth management, member join/payment, member renewal, membership where the organization is the member and a primary contact has greater rights than other contacts, etc.  Finally, a session focused on how to generate more elaborate custom reports would very interesting.

    Thanks for putting this together!  I will be attending with three others from my company.


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