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Candidate Features for 3.1 Release

Note that 3.1 has an aggressive schedule and timeline primarily due to some consulting obligations. Most of the work in 3.1 is sponsored work. If you are interested in sponsoring some more work for this release please contact us immediately.

Note that at this point, we are not planning to add any other features to the release. Please use the forum's Feature Requests and Suggestion Board for this. If you are interested in sponsoring features for this release please contact us via email (sourire)


Alpha: Nov 10th
Beta:  Dec 4th
Final:  Jan 29th

Issues currently assigned to 3.1 in the issue queue

Consulting Projects

  • CRM-5103 Contact SubTypes - (Deepak: Oct 12)
  • (coche) CRM-5096 Allow users to map related contact info (e.g. spouse, household, etc.) for EXPORTS (similar to how we allow this for IMPORT) - (Yashi/Sunil: Oct 5)
  • (coche) CRM-5095 Price Set for Contributions - includes restructuring and enhancing PriceSets - (Yashi/Kiran: Oct 5)
  • (coche) CRM-4802 Recurring Payment Processor for PayPal Pro - (Sunil: Sept 25)
  • (coche) CRM-5104 ACL Support for CiviReport - (Lobo: Oct 26)
  • (coche) CRM-5143Extend Custom groups to handle multiple instances of the same object. Thus custom group AAA can extend all relationships of type A1, B3 and C4. Also check this blog post (Deepak: Oct 26)

Usability Improvements

  • (coche) CRM-5083 Restructuring and cleaning up of CiviCRM CSS files ( Kyle/Dave: Oct 12 )
  • (coche) CRM-4312 Improve Date Widget ( Amit/Kurund: Oct 19)
  • (coche) CRM-1744 Make all selectors sortable (Amit: Oct 12)
  • (coche) CRM-5105 Alert on unsaved changes on complex forms and forms where users may be entering a lot of data ( Kurund: Oct 5)

Core CiviCRM

  • (coche) CRM-3507 Allow all system generated emails to be of type HTML. Also expand token support to Subject line ( Piotr: Oct 12)
  • (coche) CRM-5106 Make the contact data displayed in the auto-complete search drop-downs configurable (by default will include Name + Email, can add Phone and/or City and/or ....)
  • (coche) CRM-5112 Support for "Create Drupal User" setting in embedded profiles when "Email Verification" User Setting is disabled (in this configuration, user enters their password in the CiviCRM profile fieldset).


  • (coche) CRM-5261 and CRM-3526 - Option to Merge duplicate contacts from Search Results AND when duplicates are found during contact editing.

Testing, QA and code documenation

  • CRM-5113 API tests code coverage at 80%, BAO tests code coverage at 50% - (Michal)
  • (coche) CRM-5114 Introduce FK checks in tests - (Michal)
  • Implement tests as a part of development process for 2 selected new features in 3.1 (during design and implementation), evaluate learnings to introduce the process further for next versions - (Michal/Piotr for html emails (CRM-3507) and Lobo/Deepak for subtype - (CRM-5103))
  • Fix phpdocs for all the API functions


  • (coche) CRM-5233 State list on proximity search doesn't filter by country


  • (coche) CRM-5161 Highlight required fields in import - ( Sunil: Oct. 12)
  • (coche) CRM-5206 Warn user if they're entering an offline contribution and the contact has outstanding pledge payments (since they probably mean to record this as a pledge payment) - details - (Dave/Yashi: Oct 19)
  • (coche) CRM-5110 Upgrade PEAR packages / Smarty / PHP-IDS - ( Piotr: Sept. 28 )
  • (coche) CRM-5163 Reconfigure bin directory, log and ini files. Add .htaccess support as needed - (Lobo: Oct. 19)
  • (coche) CRM-5162 Encrypt sensitive information in config (passwords and api keys) - (Lobo: Oct. 19)

If we have additional time / resources


  • 5 new reports (soft credit report, in honor of, walklist, phonebank)



  • Cache results of dedupe. Also add pagination to dedupe results
  • Customized dedupe rules for various workflows (import, profile, transaction pages)


  • Implement "relative" dates in Search forms (similar to civireport)
  • Switch In honor of / On Behalf of forms to use reserved CiviCRM Profiles


  • Multiple membership signup / renewal

On Hold for now (pending funding)

  • MultiSite Improvements (tentative)
  • CRM-4572 Shared Address support for Contacts (tentative)
  • Aucun
  1. Sep 19, 2009

    Suggested usability improvement:
    The tags layout should better reflect the hierarchal structure (currently just alpha order). This should also be reflected in the parent dropdown box and tag search (so you understand the existing structure when selecting a parent).

    1. Sep 19, 2009

      JoeMurray dit :

      Maybe add weight to tags to implement this.

      1. Nov 02, 2009

        Or add a hierarchy in the select (Seems to remember there is an option in html)

        1. Nov 03, 2009

          Yes, the OPTGROUP tag:

          but it only supports one level of heirarchy

          Or, how about implementing the tag/group heirarchy as plain text in the dropdown select option. Each sub group indented with '-'.


          I'm sure I've seen this idea implemented in drupal for complex sub item dropdowns?

          I'd really like to see tag/group heirarchy represented throughout civicrm too. What would be great would be to have the options on the contact edit pages work like they do on the view tabs as heirachical lists. The tag/group sections on the edit pages often confuse my content editors as they don't immediately understand the heirarchies

  2. Dec 03, 2009

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