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3.0 Key Features List

Release 3.0 was previously referred to as 2.3


Usability Improvements

  • Overhaul of Contact Edit form layout (CRM-4602) and Contact Summary screen (CRM-4603) to make them less location-centric. Mockups: Contact Summary, Contact Editing. Suggestions from our users can be found here:,4862.0/topicseen.html
  • CRM-4407 Menu redesign - horizontal menu allows one-click access to most screens. Menu can be customized for your site (menu items can be added, removed or re-positioned).
  • CRM-4414 Ability to select contact from autocomplete list OR create a new contact when adding a contribution, pledge, participant, membership, case or grant.
  • CRM-4507 Contact tabs include counts - number of contributions, events, etc. for that contact.
  • CRM-3557 CRM-4567 Improve usability of "Send Mail to Contacts" form. Add support for adding recipients inline, and sending CCs and BCCs.
  • CRM-4604 Floating table headers (as done in Drupal tables)

On hold - will implement if time allows

Core CiviCRM

  • CRM-4418 - Deleting contact records requires an explicit permission assignment.
  • CRM-4575 Greeting and Addressee improvements : customizable greeting for emails; customizable greeting and addressee for postal communications
  • CRM-4532 Add a new custom field of type - "Select - Auto-complete" (jQuery auto-complete widget)
  • CRM-4382 New custom field type of "contact reference" - allows user to select from a list of contacts.
  • CRM-4599 Provide a "hook" which can be used customize the elements on the Contact Summary page (add or replace contents).

Search Enhancements


  • CRM-4598 Implement jquery expandable textarea widget for Mailing TEXT Message form field.
  • CRM-3892 Allow admin to disable double-opt-in on mailings list subscribes. Can be done via constant in settings file (check for other issue in jira)l.

CiviMember and CiviContribute

  • CRM-4264 Hook to allow modification of membership fees.
  • CRM-4440 Multiple currency support (via hook) (find issue)
  • CRM-4493 Mechanism to pass and store tracking information for contributions and registrations
  • CRM-4467 Mechanism to set default / hidden field values via GET params in online contribution forms, online event reg and profiles


  • CRM-4531 Streamlined event configuration interface (replace wizard with tabs interface).
  • CRM-4464 Event templates to simplify creating multiple similar events.
  • CRM-4319 Waitlisting for events.
  • CRM-4326 Administrator approval option for event participants.
  • CRM-4324 Expire pending (pay-later, pending from waitlist, pending from approval, pending incomplete transaction) registrations after NN days (cron job runs a script to change status from Pending to Cancelled and sends cancellation notification email).
  • CRM-4377 Option to use a different profile for additional participant registrations.
  • Allow participants to cancel an event registration (email sent to organization event contact to handle manual refunds IF refunds are offered). For 3.0, cancellation is only available for waitlisted and "waiting for approval" participants - via system-generated URL.
  • Event attendance / sign-in sheet (via CiviReport)


  • CRM-4569 String and pattern-based redaction for Case Details report
  • CRM-4509 Trigger email copy of activity when Assignee is added or changed
  • CRM-4570 Printable Case Details report
  • CRM-4510 Add "Case Manager" flag to case roles configuration.
  • Aucun
  1. Sep 18, 2008

    Shawn Duncan dit :

    Can we add Pledge & Contribution reports at this point? Something like I attached here:

  2. Nov 03, 2008

    CiviMember Phase 2 - Excellent! While the functionality has been broadening in other modules it is imperative to visit the CiviMember to improve it's real world functionality. Nice one!

  3. Nov 20, 2008

    Any news on Pledge Imports?

  4. Jan 06, 2009

    Today I am sitting here slowly processing a big old pile of contributions (sourire) and hoping that by next December's fundraising rush I've got a batch grid to make it easier!! Thanks in advance!

    1. Jan 06, 2009

      sitting back and hoping will only take you so far. contributing code and helping out will take you a lot further (sourire)

      1. Jan 23, 2009

        I'm afraid with my non-abilities, what code I could come up with would not be a contribution.  I'll contribute in other ways though . . .

  5. Apr 01, 2009

    mark dit :

    hi All,

    For us, for multiple clients, recurring or multi-part events would be huge.,4648.0.html gives an example.



    1. Jul 27, 2009

      shawn holt dit :

      Recurring events is also an issue for us.  We have monday classess, thursday meetings, etc.  Perhaps templates (CRM-4464) can be adjusted to create a duplicated series (at least as a stopgap measure) until recurring events are fully implemented.

      1. Jul 28, 2009

        3.0 is in code freeze right now. We will not be adding any more features to it. We do encourage folks to step up and offer patches and/or sponsor the features that are "issues" for them. Expecting it to appear in the code is not realistic, IMO

  6. Jun 07, 2009

    Just checked out the new contact summary.  Looks great!  Good work.  (pouce levé)

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