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Planned Features for v2.0

Note that v2.0 will ONLY support PHP5.2+, MySQL 5.0.x+ (later releases only), Drupal 5.x, Joomla 1.0.13
Note that we have pushed back the v2.0 final release date due to the volume of issues being filed by the community. This will make for a much higher quality final release. A big thanx to the community for stepping up so nicely

These features are either in the work queue or under consideration for the CiviCRM 2.0 release. Our rough timeline for 2.0 is:

  • Code freeze: 01/07/2008
  • Alpha release: 01/24/2008
  • Beta release: 02/11/2008
  • Final release: 03/12/2008

Schema redesign

Improved Component Architecture

Streamlining data entry - Ajax / Dojo

  • Upgrade dojo to 0.9 or 1.0
  • Extend Auto-complete drop-down 'search' on contact name to streamline work-flow for the following tasks:
    • New Activity
    • New Relationship

Core CiviCRM

  • CRM-2360 Customized search forms / queries
  • CRM-2102 - Improved interface for re-ordering elements such as fields in a profile or custom data group.
  • CRM-2001 Move de-dupe to more places in code base
  • Standalone (CMS agnostic) user framework
    • OpenID login system
    • Content integration for public pages (contribution pages, event registration pages, etc.)

CiviMember and CiviContribute

  • Tell A Friend (CRM-2153) - Configurable page at end of contribution (and event registration?) sequence allowing donor to email a message with link to contribution page to one or more of their friends.
  • CRM-2219 - Import UPDATE for Contributions and Memberships (currently available for Participant/Event only)
  • CRM-2239 One-step offline Membership signup and renewal (with option to create contribution record automatically and send receipt/confirmation)
  • CRM-2304 Allow donor to select either "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" when specifying honoree.
  • CRM=2167 Contribution Widgets - embeddable flash widgets for viral promotion of online contribution pages.
  • CRM-2395 Pay-by-check / pay-later option for Contributions / Memberships (using "Pending" status)


  • CRM-2424 Option to list participants for an event via static URL. Configurable to list Name only, or Name + Email.
  • CRM-2426 Duplicate registration detection (check against email, if duplicate give status and abort).
  • CRM-2421 One-step offline Event Registration (option to create associated contribution record and send receipt/confirmation (similar to CRM-2239 for Memberships).
  • CRM-2395 Pay-by-check / pay-later option for Events (using "Pending" status)
  • CRM-2422 Streamlined event registration for free events (skip confirmation step)
  • CRM-2430 Access control for Events
  • CRM-2418 Include iCal download link to "Add this event to your Outlook/iCal/Google Calendar" on event pages and email confirmation.
  • CRM-2419 End Date is no longer required for events.
  • None
  1. Jul 13, 2007

    Having done a lot of work both with the hooks system and hacking directly on CiviCRM itself, I think it's important that 2.0 is designed to be easier to extend.  At a very least, sub-classing the Individual type needs to be better supported and less of a hack.

    Here are a few things that would be very helpful to do this:

    • Components need some kind of "load and registration" model, so that modifications on core files is not needed for getting a component that adds fields to a contact, that presents UI for view and edit of the data it manages, and supports search for contacts that embed its fields.  Currently, at least 12 files in core in to be modified to do this, some in pretty tricky and non-intuitive ways.
    • Hooking into the Query system needs to go through some kind of well defined interface, especially for advanced search, which is very hard to implement.  Core CiviCRM should use these interfaces, so that they are not an afterthought, and actually work.  
    • The informal interfaces used by 1.x (I've documented a number of these) probably should take advantage of PHP5's interface and implements  keywords.  This will make a number of CiviCRM's "integration points" self documenting, and easier to use.  And once again, by "eating their own dogfood", it will make sure that CiviCRM core actually implements integration points that non-core developers can really use.
  2. Jul 14, 2007

    This list gets shorter and shorter with each version.  Again, this is the list of features not found in CiviCRM (I could be wrong) that are found in one or more of 192 commercial tools in the space CiviCRM is working in (like Kintera). The list is getting fairly trivial or describes areas that CiviCRM has not entered yet (or may never enter). To me, the event planning portion is the next best area of development. Some of the items are a bit vague, I can explain if anyone is interested.


    • Approve an Event work flow
    • Create complex events with multiple tracks, activities, times, locations, prerequisite sessions, choose only one activity from a list, mutually exclusive sessions
    • create a group of events
    • process cancellations
    • Conditional branching, allow users different registration paths depending specific information
    • Verify registering participant against an invitee list
    • Sell additional product and services through the registration
    • group registration
    • waitlist
    • substitutions
    • collect expressions of interest
    • Send participants a survey after an event and report the survey response data automatically
    • automatically create name badges,modify look and feel of name badges edit individual name badges before printing, Print name badges for participants
    • Provide reminders to participants
    • Variable pricing based on event packages or groups/collections
    • Variable pricing for events based based on time (early-bird) or category (guest, spouse)
    • alert participants to similar events
    • Track participant attendance and no shows on past events
    • Assign participants to specific housing accommodation units based on criteria like gender
    • print membership cards
    • approval process for membership
    • multiple clubs or organizations managed by divers central groups
    • Club registration with multiple levels of approval (i.e., president, advisors, staff, administrator)
      Program or project oriented rather then event

    Paper processing

    • Comprehensive correspondence to speakers, chairpersons, reviewers and authors
    • Review process management
    • Abstract submission via the internet
    • Preview publication for layout, should look nice select and notify authors
    • Submit to judges without revealing authors
    • Manage revision process
    • Allow for online editing
    • Manage multiple authors
    • Stores multiple authors for one paper
    • create Seating assignments for participants, table tents, Customer menu generation grocery list


    • floor plans for exhibits
    • Exhibition can be run in booth or space mode
    • Booth details are stored, including its dimension, sides and fascia name
    • Exhibition stand inventory management system
    • Comprehensive exhibitor checklist
      Event Planning
    • Track speaker requirements and audio visual needs for sessions
    • Track event content providers like djs or speakers
    • Place restrictions on seating or other aspects of the set up
    • Schedule rooms
    • room setups
    • Schedule resources to be available schedule
    • Stores biographical details of a speaker in HTML format
    • email reminders to team members of specific to do tasks
    • Task lists, activity plan task schedules
    • Reuse data that automatically adjusts due dates by new date of the event assign tasks to specific volunteers
    • Manage staff and their responsibilities relative to an event
    • Create materials list Risk management program Schedules/itineraries event tools for working with vendors
    • Track payment to suppliers create audit trails create invoices, receipts Budgeting reports: anticipated and actual
    • Detailed financial reports
    • Detailed lists including program, audio visual and room setup
    • Speakers checklist
    • create certificates
    • Track participant progress through certification or educational processes
    • Create certification and education programs
    • Create class schedules
    • Create syllabi
      Appointment manager
    • match people to people or events based on schedule and criteria
    • allow individuals to schedule a time slot with an individual or an event allow individuals to choose from several rooms
    • Automatically assign people to specific appointments
    • Track meetings between individuals
    • Work flow manager
    • online contests
    • Create brochures
    • manage campaigns and advertising
    • till software
    • Travel manager
    • Send a bill to a participant
    • credit card refunds can be processed on-line
    • manage cash receipts tickets
    • Set goals and measure activities against goals
    • create reports across organizations/division score cards
    • Track participants between events
    • Dashboard reporting environment for quick reporting of key metrics
    • mailing labels
    • format for print, should look nice
    • Manage revisions
    • pda integration
    • Track/log/audit changes to the system and revert to historical views
    • one click integration with MS Word and Excel
    • Integrated with Outlook/exchange
    • equipment checkout
    • online booths
  3. Jul 27, 2007

    I know this is probably too ambitious, but I would love to see CiviCRM get a new (and significantly simpler) architecture in general.  In implementing this for our clients and even having to add some custom functionality or change core functionality, it is incredibly difficult to follow how everything fits together, especially QuickForms.  It seems quite a bit "heavier" that it needs to be. I know you want to be CMS agnostic, and I think that is a great goal, however there can be many good things that can be taken from the elegance and simplicity of the Drupal architecture.  CiviCRM is just very hard to work with unless you are using a completely vanilla OOTB implementation (which most of our clients dont want).

    1. Jul 27, 2007


      I suspect at some point in the 2.x release, we'll switch to using the Zend Framework from PEAR. Hopefully by that time ZF will have a lighter weight form package

      QuickForm is pretty well documented on the PEAR web site


  4. Nov 06, 2007

    One thing that we have a strong need for in CiviEvents is being able to make Events only visible to users who are logged in and are members of selected group/s - so that people who are not in that group can't find out what they are missing out on by typing in random event ids!

    1. Nov 28, 2007

      This functionality will be provided by CRM=2430

      1. Dec 24, 2007

        Thanks David - this is going to really rock!

  5. Nov 27, 2007

    Changes made yesterday to this page indicate 2.0 will be compatible with Joomla 1.0.13 (instead of 1.5). Am I correct that what you mean is that instead of building it for 1.5 specifically (and thus not backwards compatible with 1.0.13), it will be built to be compatible with both versions, as currently? It reads that it will "only" be compatible with 1.0.13 right now.

    1. Nov 28, 2007

      We'll be posting some details on this shortly - but bottom line is that 2.0 will "only" be 1.0.13 compatible.. because:

      • We've found that changes between the Joomla release candidates have broken things on our end.
      • We are close to code freeze for 2.0 and there is no target stable release date yet for Joomla 1.5.
      1. Nov 29, 2007

        Any chance efforts can be made to keep it compatible with 1.5 with legacy mode on, as it is now? I have a couple sites using very recent 1.5 nightly builds and they are running CiviCRM with no problems.

        Making the next release "only" compatible with 1.0.13 is very troubling. I have several sites that I have recently built in 1.5 + CiviCRM specifically because earlier specs for CiviCRM 2.0 stated it would only be compatible with 1.5. Despite 1.5 still being in RC stages, I wanted to ensure the groups I was working with would be positioned to upgrade easily to Civi 2.0 when it came out, and thus developed the site in 1.5 to avoid having to upgrade from 1.0.13 so soon (there are significant differences between 1.0.13 and 1.5, and the upgrade path is not a simple issue, particularly because extension development for 1.5 is still at early stages).

        So this is just my personal plea to rethink that plan, and at least make efforts to keep 2.0 compatible with 1.5/legacy mode.

        1. Nov 30, 2007

          Please start this discussion on the forum. We can continue supporting future RC's of joomla with community support. At this point in time, we are less inclined to try to keep up with future joomla RC's and will focus on 1.5 when it reaches final

  6. Dec 03, 2007

    An option to let the Drupal TinyMCE module work would be great. TinyMCE is so much better than the Dojo Editor, especially with the available plugins, and supporting modules like IMCE.

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