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For the time period A to B, give me a breakdown by
Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (select one or more C, F, or A from each
group). The report should show how many gifts came in for each custom
item and total for the time period.
Date Range A to B
Campaigns Included: Major Gifts, Individual Gifts, Foundation Gifts, etc
Campaign Name: # gifts Total Amounts:
Major Gifts                  5                $50000.00
Individual Gifts        203                    $632.03
Foundation Gifts         1                  $1000.00
Blahblah Gifts             2                        $4.20
Eventually, I'd like to be able to have this report auto-emailed on a daily basis to management.

Report Columns

Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (as selected)
Total Number of Donations in selected Date Range
Total Contribution Amount for the gifts in the Selected Date Range

Optional Columns


* Date Received (start and/or end)
* Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (as selected)

Default Filter Values

* start date defaults to beginning of month.

URL options

Sub-total columns

Other Options


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