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Demo: Monday, August 22 at 6 p.m. EDT


  • Evaluation Criteria
    • Company
    • Product
    • CRM-ish Qualities
    • Differentiators
    • Competitive Vision
    • Strategy
    • What makes competitor well-rounded
    • Deep knowledge rather than sales-pitch
  • Style Considerations
    • Short trumps quantity
    • Interactive - Listen as much as talk
    • Minimize "Known Information"
    • Know what story you are telling
  • Offer follow-up for questions that might go beyond the scope.
    • Another meeting
    • Connection with principle developers
    • Whatever is appropriate for follow-up

Demo Outline

5 Min.

  • Introductions
  • Confirm the Agenda
    • What they would like to see - adjust as needed if possible
    • What you plan to do

20 Min.

  • Project/Community Overview and History
    • Relationtional: Who are the key people and what do they do?
    • How are we structured?
    • Where are people located?
  • Product
    • What we do - why we exist.
    • How are we positioned in our market?
  • Customer Profile
    • Who uses CiviCRM?
    • Vertical Segments - Sounds like a pie chart would be best.
    • How does CiviCRM drive adoption?
      • Consultants?
      • Systems Integrators?
      • Sales channel?
    • How do we know what's going on in our market, what is our expertise in our market segment?
  • Problem & Solution
    • What Problem do we solve?
    • How do we do it?
    • How do we solve problems without creating new ones or what do we do about those problems.
  • Technical Overview Very High Level
    • Product Components/Architecture
    • How does the customer interact with the product
  • Differentiators
    • What makes you different?
    • What are our innovations?

20 Min.

  • Live Demo
    • Key Features
    • Less is More

15 Min.

  • Unplanned Time
    • Follow-up
    • Questions
  • None
  1. Jul 15, 2011

    i think the key (and challenge) will be keeping it clear and concise. with a limited time allotted, we will need to trim the fat and accept that not all features can be covered. its more important to demonstrate fluidity than be comprehensive.

    1. Jul 19, 2011

      Really Good points, Brian!  Since you helped write the book, (grin!), please delete at will...

  2. Jul 27, 2011

    Happy to report that Jane Ryan Beck of rayogram and Steve Kessler are now on the team!

  3. Jul 28, 2011

    Webinar re:demo is on Monday, August 1.  More to say after then - is there a good time on Tuesday for a GoToMeeting conversation?

    1. Jul 29, 2011

      From the CRM Idol Folks:
      The Actual Demo
      Just to clarify. The demo is:

      1. A virtual online demo, not in person
      2. NOT a video, must be done by you guys live and be prepared for interactions with the judges.
      1. Jul 29, 2011

        So Fr. Shawn -- you've got the demo covered for Monday? And just want to do a conf call on Tues to follow-up on next steps?

        I can be available for a short call, anytime after 11am EDT.

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