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  • Translation Process Improvements
  • Internationalization / Localization Improvements

Translation Process Improvements

  • critique of the current translation tools and process,
  • help evaluate other tools,
  • ensure it works for your workflow,
  • help with a good workflow,
  • documentation on a new improved process,
  • help with creating resources for other translators (like a list of common pitfalls, or a template for making certain terms translated in a consistent way across CiviCRM),
  • help with adjusting/extending/rewriting the current tools we use in the backend,
  • help with coming up (or fixing existing tools) we use for keeping the translations of various CiviCRM versions synchronised
  • help with extending the tools with any features deemed desirable (Google Translate hints?).

Internationalization / Localization Improvements

  • support for different address format depending on location (example: US vs European postcode position) CRM-3854@jira
    • Mailing labels, but also when addressing organizations and people in bulk mailings.
    • add full (as per format) address token
  • make it trivial to customize specific strings within a translation (for example: change "Contribution" to "Donation") CRM-6154@jira
  • support for different languages when sending bulk mailings (based on preferred communication language, see CRM-6138@jira), support for translation of titles and prefixes
    • International organizations which works with many countries, have several official languages (UN and UN organizations, all hundreds of them is a good example) and when sending newsletters and other material need to address the recipients in quite formal tone.
  • sorting out auto-translation of user-editable fields: CRM-5974@jira
  • gettext context support (see CRM-6049@jira)
  • split of domain.config_backend? CRM-3349@jira
  • viewing multi-lingual fields? CRM-3548@jira
  • %link moniker for localisable links in ts calls? CRM-3941@jira
  • Could not create new contact in Simplified Chinese CRM-6019@jira
  • Could not perform search on Ajax fields in Chinese CRM-6135@jira :also block all no-eng user.
  • Mail Subject will disappear after input more than 6 character in Chinese CRM-6097@jira
  • Customization "Display Name" in CiviCRM using token. CRM-6137@jira
  • Can't correspond field when import CSV file from other language CRM-6147@jira :also block all no-eng user.
  • Check use of truncate vs mb_truncate in templates, since non-latin names are sometimes badly truncated CRM-6139@jira
  • When inheriting the CMS language, regional languages (fr_CA, pt_BR) are ignored  CRM-6140@jira
  • fix monetary locales: CRM-5690@jira
  • support for multiple currencies for all currency fields (see CRM-1496@jira)
    • International organizations deal with multiple currencies income and expenses. (P.S. goran g has experience with finance systems in international environment)
  • Aucun

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