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Advanced Search

Search on a variety of contact properties - including group memberships, category assignments and location critera. The Search Results page includes Actions to:

  • Save the search query as a 'dynamic' group, OR
  • Save the resulting list of contacts to a 'static' group.

Examples of User Tasks

  • Find all contacts who live in San Francisco.
  • ...

Advanced Search Form

Search Results

  • None
  1. Mar 05, 2005



    You may want to have your results list arranged in a way to help people distinguish one contact from another quickly. Most folks usually can tell which John Smith they need by Address/CSZ before they can distiguish them by email or phone #.

    Secondly, I'd put the checkbox next to the name – it's too easy to click on the wrong one as you move your cursor across the page from the name.

  2. Mar 05, 2005


    Oh..sorry. That last comment was from Bob Schmitt.

  3. Mar 18, 2005

    New version of the Results table incorporates Bob S' feedback about row contents and checkbox position.

  4. Apr 03, 2005


    We need to be able to conduct a proximity search. For example, "search a 10 mile radius from target".


  5. Feb 08, 2006

    Can you add check boxes next to fields for NOT? For example, I might want to search for everyone who is not from California. So I'd select California and then click on a checkbox that would turn that into NOT.

    How do I search for empty/missing/blank values? I'm sure if I knew SQL I'd be figuring this out(smile)

    State/Province drop down menu, Is it possible to add values to this? I want to be able to select people with no state.

  6. Feb 13, 2008

    Currently working on a civicrm 1.9 implementation, I'm looking for a syntax to find <empty> values in advanced search forms. for instance searching for "organizations" with no values in relation "foo".

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