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All areas of the interface where actions take place should have a visual clue to show that this is an area where an action can take place.  This might be a border, or a color.  (see parent page for definition of actions)

CRUD operations

Because CRUD (create/add/new, read/view/more, update/edit, delete) operations are repeated and common in the CiviCRM interface we should create a set of clues to represent them. Because CRUD operations are related to each other, we should make these clues a variation on a theme.  An example would be to use colors

  • Create/add/new - green
  • Read/view/more - none (having no specific colour is a good way fo to show that clicking on this link will not make changes to the database by just staying with no specific colour
  • Update - amber
  • Delete - red

Choosing the colors red, amber and green for the CUD of CRUD would have the advantage that it follows some reasonably universal color rules.

Icons for actions

Icons can be created/selected from the jquery icon set to represent:

  • C
  • U
  • D
  • Actions in general
  • Aucun

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