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This is the top level page for all work associated with the Accounting Integration Data Schema project as well as related follow-on enhancements. At a high level, the scope of this project is the first point in 'Enhance the CiviCRM schema to enable better integration of accounting concepts and systems with CiviCRM. This includes clear separation of "obligations" from "payments", and the ability to specify revenue and asset accounts.' These changes will enable the data schema to support the following sorts of enhancements:

  • Batching of Contributions
  • Changes, Reversals, Refunds
  • Detailed Account Codes
  • Flexible Order Form
  • Flexible User Payments
  • Official Receipting
  • Partial Payments - backoffice staff only

Attachments to this page provide diagrams of the schema, as well as MySQL Workbench and MySQL schema dump files.

As of July 4th the attached diagrams do not reflect a name change from invoice to order, though that is now reflected in the authoritative version in the subversion repository for the project at

While a wiki isn't necessarily the best tool for project collaboration and management, we'll use this page as a focal point for the project for now.

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