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About ABWA Humble Artesian

ABWA Humble Artesian is a chapter of the national group, American Business Women's Association.  The group had maintained a static web site for a number of years.  It had limited functionality and was very labor intensive to update and try to keep current.


The basic goals were to provide a platform that would be easy for various board members to update and disseminate information.  Civicrm also gave the opportunity to move the membership management online.  The result of this is that only one person has to handle the contact information rather than three.


The site is currently running on Joomla 1.0.12 and Civicrm 1.6.  As ACL's aren't fully implemented on Joomla, the Joomla registered user system is utilitized to provide restricted information to members.  Different profiles are displayed depending on whether the viewer is a registered member or a visitor.

Features Used

The contact groups and profiles are used to track board members, committees, members, and groups.  Memberships are tracked online as well as event attendance.  Members are able to update their own information via an edit profile in the user menu.


The installation was fairly trouble free after following the instructions to install from directory.  There was somewhat of a learning curve to understand how the profiles should be used.  It also takes some time customizing the display of the query results, but using Firebug in Firefox speeds it up quite a bit.

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