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idRequested by (Name)e-mailSubjectDate of requestAmount RequestedDate of expense neededStatusMoney Sent?Comments
1Dave Greenbergdave at civicrm.org3 additional registrations for NTEN01/22/2014$ 597 USD ApprovedYes 
2Alejandro Salgadoa.salgado at ixiam.comPR & Communications plan for Spain. 3 months pilot.04/10/2014$1,500 USD On Hold  
3Andrew Huntandrew at aghstrategies.comMoney for our Movements social justice fundraising conference 05/19/2014$ 575 USD06/02/2014ApprovedYes 
4Alejandro Salgadoa.salgado at ixiam.comOpen Expo Day - Open Source Trade Show in Madrid (Spain).05/20/2014$ 408 USD06/15/2014Approved I'm requesting this (300€) for having a space for CiviCRM in the Networking room with a roll up and a small boot. iXiam will pay for the demo slot. Information about the event here
5Nathan Porternate at areteimagine.comSocial Media promotion for Civi User Summit05/29/2014$ 600 USD ApprovedYes

targeted ad using target lists from the CiviCRM User and Developer database. We would primarily focus on the local northeast region: Facebook: CPC $0.24 x 1600 = $385.00 // Twitter: CPC $0.72 x 298 = $215.00

6Rebecca Salzmanrsalzman at ginkgostreet.comCiviCRM Booth Allied Media Conference June 20-22nd in Detroit. 06/09/2014$ 425 USD06/22/2014ApprovedYesThis is a collaborative lab for developers and media-based organizers. This is an annual event where Michael Daraybeygi will be speaking at one session. The plan is to have CiviCRM have a presence at the exhibit hall. Michael will be manning the booth for most of the time and displaying different elements of Civi to attendees.
7Rebecca Salzmanrsalzman at ginkgostreet.comCiviCRM Booth for ASAE Technology Conference08/12/2014$ 4,200 USD For Revision 

We are requesting funding for the upcoming December 16-17th ASAE Technology 2014 Conference. ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership - which represents  represents more than 21,000 association executives and industry partners representing 10,000 organizations. Our members manage leading trade associations, individual membership societies and voluntary organizations across the United States and in nearly 50 countries around the world. ASAE also represents suppliers of products and services to the association community. Of our total membership, approximately:

  • 48 percent are association CEO members.

  • 35 percent are association staff professional members.

  • 17 percent are association industry partner members.

This is a great audience for CiviCRM. This conference is also of interest to us because it is located at the

Gaylord National Harbor here in the National Harbor, MD right in  our backyard. We are seeking CiviCRM to fund the booth and cost for marketing materials. Fortunately we have enough CiviCRM experts in the local area, who will support presence at the booth during the entire conference.  Attending this conference will provide us with the perspective of what to expect next year, who the audience really is, and what presentations we should implement during the RFP process in early 2015, so that we are not just exhibiting in 2015 but also discussing CiviCRM it’s worth and implementation to various audiences who will be attending the conference.

We are requesting funding for the booth and to be able to supply it with CiviCRM materials, $4200. 

Lisa Jervis

lisa at iecology.orgFunds for CiviCRM booth at Stronger Together08/23/2014$ 1,500 USD ApprovedYesThis request is to pay for a CiviCRM booth at Stronger
Together, a conference for California nonprofit leaders taking place in
San Francisco on October 24. More information about the conference is at The conference is
organized by Compasspoint, a well-known and -respected local training
and technical assistance provider for the large Bay Area nonprofit
sector. I expect it to be very well attended. If this request is
accepted, I will staff the booth and  recruit another Civi power user or
a developer. 

Moved to 2015 page

Dave Greenberg, Peter Petrik, Andrew Hunt

dave at civicrm dot orgNTEN 2015 NTC Austin $2,000 ApprovedYes10 x 10 booth at Science Fair + 1 conference registration. Science Fair only registrations should be available for other folks to staff the booth.
10Martin Pethpeth at systopia.deGerman Association for Association Management10/01/2014$ 315 For Revision 

Fabian Schuttenberg and Martin Peth went to a conference in Berlin on September 18 2014 and gave a CiviCRM presentation and live demo. The event was hosted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbandsmanagement (German Association for Association Management) and focussed on IT solutions for associations in General. The event was attended by association employees from all over Germany.

Presentation and live demo. To increase the market share of CiviCRM in Germany

Type of expense: Travel costs: train tickets for two persons (Bonn – Berlin – Bonn, 2 persons, with „BahnCard“ discount), public transport within Berlin

 Total approved 2014   USD$4,105    
  • None

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