This documentation refers to an older version of CiviCRM (3.4 / 4.0). View latest version.

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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Make sure to check out the FLOSS Manual Understanding CiviCRM as well! You can also support this project by ordering a hard copy.

Or support us by buying an eBook or hard copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing.

Use this section to share information and/or script code for automatically installing and/or replicating CiviCRM (and host CMS) sites.

Automated Installer for a Pre-configured CiviCRM Site

Contributed by Larry Hedrick of

The following 2 scripts are used to install a drupal/civicrm system. When the scripts complete a user will be able to login as civiadmin with pw civiadmin01. The script works from a tar file built from a working template and uses a database import file built with mysql dump. A new user is created in the /etc/passwd file and a perl script is used to generate an encrypted password.

There is a template settings.php and civicrm.settings.php file which has marker strings which are replaced with new values for the new site using the sed editor.

The install script also appends the name of the new user account to a file. This file is holds the names of sites. A cron job will then loop through the names doing a tar file backup and a mysql dump each day.

This is a work in progress. If others can offer suggestions or see problems please post or send email to lhedrick at dharmatech dot org.

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