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Remove 'Do not trade' from Privacy options

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This page refers to outdated version of CiviCRM. Check current version of documentation.

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Remove 'Do not trade' from Privacy options

When adding or editing an Individual, the 'Do not trade' checkbox within the Privacy section can be confusing to the user.

The checkbox is intended to be used by organisations who want to swap mailing list info, and provides a way of marking a contact as not being included in the lists that they swap. It was added at the request of a few organisations.

However, if your organisation doesn't plan to do any such swapping, you may want to remove the field to avoid confusion and to generally reduce page clutter.

To remove the option, edit CRM/Core/SelectValues.php, function privacy() , remove:

 " 'do_not_trade' => ts('Do not trade') "

(This removes the label)

To remove the checkbox, edit civicrm/CRM/Contact/Form/Edit.php, in buildCommunicationBlock(), remove:

 $privacy[] = HTML_QuickForm::createElement('advcheckbox', 'do_not_trade', null, $t['do_not_trade']);

These files are part of CiviCRM core, so when you upgrade versions your changes may be lost.

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