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This page refers to outdated version of CiviCRM. Check current version of documentation.

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How can I create a customized view of profiles?

  1. (More technical): you can roll your sleeves up and try themeing CivicRM using the template files and stylesheets. Yes, it will affect form view and edit layout and style for every profile page, not just when it is rendered in My Account. The templates as is don't support per-profile themeing. You could potentially add that kind of functionality but the code would not be pretty and would be site specific! Hence doing the extra design in a custom html page is probably preferable.
  2. Set up a CiviCRM Profile for each form which you wish the users to use to edit their CiviCRM contact data. If you include that form as a standalone html page in Drupal, you can play around a bit with the html formatting of that page to affect how the form looks. The form
    should work the same with CiviCRM as if it was embedded, for example, in MyAccount.
  3. You can try CiviNode, which enables you to use the Drupal CCK module with CiviCRM, which gives lots of control of form design, but last time I checked in on it, it was still really in "testing".

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